Minimalistic toiletries and Cosmetics

Minimalistic, simplified , declutter and organize toiletries and cosmetics.

Come on ladies! Lets admit it. We all have way too many make ups and toiletries . The thing is that we still keep buying more. It makes us feel good. Going to the mall, passing through those cool and exciting looking make up areas that smells so good gives us a huge happiness boost. Buying the stuff makes us feel good. A new color, a new miracle face cream, a new more expensive eye cream ... Not to mention the free gifts with purchases ( god knows how much unnecessary stuff i bought just to get those gifts with purchases) .

I used to have two whole cabinets full with tons of stuff.

It felt good to buy. But after a day, that piece of expensive make up, was just another thing in my huge cabinet full of make up. The funny thing is that I was sure that, that one piece , that one miracle blemish cream, would change my life. That is what I was told. That is what I was to believe.

The thing is, none of them changed my life. none of them made me look like tho model on the ad. none of them took my years away and made me be happier.

the funny thing is, after each big purchase,  i started to become stressed out about the new beauty routine and not being able to keep up with it,  I always ended up using the same good old stuff I was used to. I truly did not have extra 45 min each evening to go trough my beauty routine. It just didn't feel normal to me.

Those days are long gone. My new and hugely improved toiletries system is in place and I am loving it.

Here are some tips.
  • Stop buying.
  • Remove every thing expired. 
  • Remove anything you don't like or you know you will not use.
  • Pack your absolute favorites in ONE make up bag ( a big bag is OK depending on how much you love make up) 
  • Pack everything else and place them in a box under the sink. Close the box.
  • Within next month, keep going back for necessary items. But only if you have to.
  • After a month, what ever is left in the box, donate. 

I did this and then donated all was left to a friend that brings these to her family members and needy girls in Peru. She was very very happy about it. To my amazement, i ended up with less than 1/6 of all the stuff I used to own. I regretted all the money I have ever spent on all the unnecessary stuff, nail polishes, lotions and poisons. 

At this point, I have only one drawer for all my cosmetics and a small bag for my make up. I still am not satisfied. I am trying to reduce it even more, but there are many things that I am waiting to finish and not buy, ever again or buy the organic and natural alternative. 

The hardest part is trials and errors. When I buy something natural and organic,sometimes it doesn't work as good and some stuff might need more testing. That is how I ended up with more stuff again. But once I find what is organic and natural and also works for me, I will stay with that and will not buy anything else. My goal is to reduce all my toilettaries to be able to fit them all in an Organic cotton make-up bag :)

Have you been through your toiletries lately?

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