Hello and Welcome!

My name is Paris.
I am a 40 years old woman, wife, mom and a Dentist.

I live in California, USA and have always been attracted to minimalistic life style long before becoming familiar with the term Minimalist.

Few years ago, while working full time and trying to juggle and create a balance between work and family life, i got burned out and depressed. Working full time and owning two Dental practices was just too much for me. That is when i decided to simplify and drastically change my life .

I am married to another Dentist and we have two kids.  A girl ( 11 12 years old ) and a Boy (5 6 years old).

My family is my pride and joy and my passion is living a passionate, happy, healthy and natural lifestyle.

After closing our two Dental practices last year at 2011, I have been staying home with my kids while working passionately on simplifying, organising and minimising our life. We also downsized and moved twice. Our house used to be 3750 sq, then we moved to a 1800 sq and now, we live in a 1000 sq home. We didn't rent a storage to fit our stuff. We just reduced and organised and have never been happier.

The stress free, clutter free, organise life has changed our life and we love it. 

I have been sharing ideas with friend for a while and now, In this blog, I will post tips and ideas about my lifestyle and my progress towards decluttering, becoming more minimalistic and living a greener life.

I respect all kinds of lifestyles. This blog is not about judging people and their life's decisions . It simply is about sharing my own experiences and experiments with people that are interested to know more about it. I am open and very appreciative to all kinds of suggestions for improvements. I also love reading your comments.

On the right side you will see all kinds of categories that you can brows and search. You can reach me at  hossparar@sbcglobal.net

Thank you so much for visiting.