For here cup !!! Coffee.

In our house, we love coffee. Drinking coffee is not the greenest thing to do. But we still love our coffee. Imagine there are some people around the world that are cutting the Amazon trees and rain forests down just to plant coffee bushes for us. Then they are taking care of the bush and harvest them. Then we have the big corporations with all their paperwork and team of professionals roasting and preparing and transporting them here for us so we can drink our latte in the morning!

But what can i say. We just really love coffee. For our home, we buy Shade grown Organic bulk coffee to have a much better tasting drink with lower impact on our environment. See my post regarding that here.
 To make it, we use French press. Simple. No filters needed. We ground our own coffee at home with a small electric coffee grinder. The smell and taste is unbelivably good. Zero waste created and the used coffee ground end up in either our garden, or compost. 

But when we are going out for coffee, we usually bring our own cups. Our reusable cups have been our friends for a long time and we are used to them.

When we forget our cups, we try to just seat down and have our coffee there in the Cafe. Most of them have porcelain cups that you can request. In Starbucks, they call it "For here cups" They are beautiful and the coffee or tea or any other beverages tastes great in them. Once we are done, we just 
bring them back to the counter and thank them. very easy.

It is very frustrating to see people order a drink and get a to go plastic cup and then seat there and drink it. At the end, that one drink produces waste. With the volume of beverages these coffee shops are serving and selling, the amount of waste is stunningly high numbers of cups, lids, straws,...
In the landfills.

So Please, when you go for that nice drink with a friend and you want to seat down to drink it, either bring your own coffee cup, or just ask for their "for here cups". Your coffee will taste better and you will drink it with a cleaner conscious.

What type of cup have you used to have your drink in it lately?



  1. I drag a cup of coffee or tea with me everywhere. I do miss going out for a good cup of coffee though. :( We're so far from any now.
    FYI--Your link from Pinterest is wrong. You may wish to change it. There are an extra t and h first.

    1. Oh. Thank you for letting me know. I will fix it soon.
      I drag a cup too and make me feel good enjoying my coffe and not creating any waste.
      Thank you for your comment Kimberly.