The best coffee!!!


We like to drink coffee.

We are not addicted. But we enjoy the aroma of a good coffee on a Sunday morning. We used To just automatically drive to Starbucks and buy our coffee. But over the years many things changed.

What is Our new way of drinking coffee which we love and truly enjoy?

Here is the secret:

  • USDA Organic
  • Shade grown, rain forest alliance certified.
  • Fair trade 
  • Bird friendly
  • Beans
  • French press
  • Purchased from bulk in my own bags to reduce the waste. 

Organic shade grown coffee. This coffee just taste much better. The regular , normal, natural coffee should grow in the rain forests. Shade and rain forest trees are the ideal environment for the coffee plant growth. The trees protect the coffee plants from bugs and other pests. They also provide natural fertilizer from their mulch. These rain forest trees also are the home to migrating North American births and are vital for those bird's survival.

 But we changed the coffee for our own greed and for the profit of our companies. The regular coffee we consume is made differently.  It is genetically modified to grow in the sun so the production per sq. is higher, thus the profit is higher. Unfortunately in many areas of the world many rain forest trees are cut down to make room for genetically modified coffee plants. This deforestation has an huge impact on the health of our planet.

When a coffee is organic, it means it has not been genetically modified, did not have pesticides and fertilizers. So our best bet is to buy organic shade grown coffee.

The market for the coffee is so big that are many black markets involved and many people make tons of illegal money in this process. Buying Fair trade coffee, makes sure the right people get paid by our purchase.

As far as the taste goes, grinding a bean from scratch makes a big difference. When you buy pre-grind coffee, the beans loose some freshness and aroma in the process . Invest in a grinder and enjoy making and drinking coffee every step of the way.

We switched to French press to reduce our electronics in our home. Surprisingly, we found that our coffee tastes much better. I think living the coffee soaking in the hot water helped to release more aroma and more flavor.

Have you tried to drink the better coffee yet?


  1. French press forever! ;-) Because students use it a lot, I somehow automatically thought the coffee wouldn't be particularly good. How wrong was I. When I had to do without my regular coffee machine for about 6 months, I bought a French press. For temporary use. That's 2 years ago and I wouldn't dream of switching back to my old machine.

    1. Thank you for your comment. Now try the French press with Shade grown Organic coffee italian roast and you will truly see the difference. I switched to French press to reduce the Electric machines in our home ond live more natural. But you are right. Never go back to coffee maker. It is just not the same.