Natural Air Fresheners.

Cinnamon Stick in boiling water.
We all love our homes to smell good. In fact, one of the isles in the grocery stores might be dedicated to all kinds of home fresheners and home fragrances. Lots of money is being spent and made for this purpose.

Did you know, the home fresheners are also made of chemicals? All those strong smelling candles and plug-in home fresheners are spraying and distributing tons of chemicals in the air we breath.

Here are some tips about how to freshen your home's air, naturally.

1. Place a small pot on the stove. Fill it with some water. Add some of the following ingredients. Let it simmer and make your home smell wonderful.

. Cinnamon sticks.
. Pine needles.
. Natural essential oils.
. Vanilla.
. Clove.
. Nutmeg.

. Orange peel.
. Lemon peel.
. Lavender.
. Rosemary.
. Mint.

You can always mix and match based on your liking, to create your own fragrance.

2. Air freshener. Home made spray.

. 20 drops of your favorite natural oil. If you don't have natural oils, you can use the boiled water from the above pot.
. 2 cups of water.
. 1/3 cup Vodka.

Mix and pour in a spray bottle. place in the bathroom and use instead of chemical spray.

. It is fun to make.
. No Chemicals. Safe.
. Minimal to no expense.
. No waste creation.
. No plastic.
. No consumerism.
. No storage needed.
. No corporation involvement, fabrication, importing, transportation,Packaging, Marketing...
. Thus, None or nominal impact on our environment.
. Wonderful natural smells that make us happy.

Did i mentioned, you will save tons of money this way?

How do you freshen your home up naturally?

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