12 benefits of going paperless in the kitchen.

Every body is going paperless. Even the health care is required to go paperless.

Why not us?

I did a search on line and this is what i found on www.chacha.com

"Last year, Americans spent nearly $2.3 billion on paper towels, sending 3000 tons of paper towels to landfills each day."

You can start with your kitchen. I have been paperless in my kitchen for over 4 years now and is working perfectly. Can't even imagine my life before a paperless kitchen. You need to make a minor initial investment at first, but it is a very inexpensive way to go in a long run.You can change one thing at a time. Lets say you buy only one of the items below this month and replace your paper version with it at first.  Next month you buy the second item and so on and so forth. This will help you and your family through transaction. You can also find very inexpensive ones in dollar stores.

It is very simple.

All you need is

Dish towel, Microfiber cloth and( hand made) dish cloth
All I need!!!

. A set of Microfiber cloths. I love these. They clean everything effortlessly. They dry fast. Just make them damp for a perfectly clean surfaces without any chemicals. For killing germs use the mixture of Vinegar and water to clean every surface. For the kitchen counters,  i sometimes use boiling hot water left in my kettle from my coffee. Use one microfiber cloth per day. After you are done at the end of the day, just hang them to dry. The next day, place the used one in dirty laundry basket to be washed and use a fresh one. This will keep the germs away without any chemicals. I don't even remember when was the last time i bought paper towels. Use the same color. It will looks so much more calming and organized in your kitchen. I use a different color set for bathrooms.

. A set of Kitchen towels. The kitchen towels are used for any kind of drying . Hands, dishes , Fruit.... I hang one in my kitchen. I also have backups to use for drying big dishes. You can place them on the counter to let your dishes air dry on them. I don't have a drying rack (Never liked them). Don't need them. A towel does the job and gets washed regularly. It is great to have less, but more efficient stuff.

Hand made by myself. Recycled yarn
. A Natural fiber sponge. use the natural kinds that are sold everywhere now. I made my own with a recycled yarn. It started as a fun project and i noticed they clean better and last a lot longer. I have not bought a sponge for months now. My dish scrubbers are being washed and reused along with other laundry.

. Old and stained towels. Old towels are used for the floors. After your kitchen towels get old and stained and you need to buy new ones ( That might take years) , Just buy a different looking set and use the old ones for the floors. This way you won't mix them up .

The benefits of going paperless:

  1. Saves lots and lots of money by not buying paper products.
  2. Saves lots of storage space.
  3. Saves the landfills and oceans. Do not trow all those papers away.
  4. Saves the trees from being cut to make single use paper products.
  5. Saves gas. I remember when my husband went to store to just buy paper towels.
  6. Saves time. Not roaming the stores, looking for the best, yet cheapest paper towels.
  7. Saves water. Believe it or not, making paper towels is a very water intensive production.
  8. Saves electricity. Again, fabrication of paper towels use a lot of energy.
  9. Saves the fish. All the chemicals and bleach being used to make paper towels look good are not being dumped in the water system and oceans.
  10. Saves Stress. You will never run out and have to worry about buying them.
  11. Saves your family's health by keeping them away from tons of chemicals.
  12. Teaches kids to stay away from disposables.
Have you gone paperless yet?