Over 50 Things we stopped buying and never missed. Oh the beautiful savings!

I keep hearing that becoming a Minimalist is only for rich people and it is expensive to become a Minimalist!

Honestly, I have never heard a good or solid argument for this comment. But here is an example of how Minimalism can save you money.

Lots of money actually!

Bellow,is a list of things we had stopped buying years ago and never missed them.

  1. Television cable. ------------> Netflix and Amazon prime
  2. Gas for my car. ---------------> Plug-in Electric
  3. Oil change for my car.---------------------> Plug-in Electric car
  4. Paper towels.-------------> Stack of 20 kitchen washable towels for drying hands and dishes
  5. Disposable wipes--------> Micro fibers.
  6. Garbage bags--------------> Barely create garbage. Directly in to recycle bin, compost bin and garbage bin. I have three small buckets, one for each in my kitchen and once they are full, I dump everything in the big garbage bins. (But have some bio bags in hand just in case.)
  7. Any kind of ziplock bags.-----------> Reusable fabric pencil bags with zipper. Also Pyrex dishes.
  8. Aluminum foils -----------> Not needed. Either use Pyrex dishes or cover plates with clean napkins. 
  9. Tupperware. -------------------> see this post
  10. Plastic wraps.------------------> Not needed Pyrex dishes. Flour cloth. Napkins
  11. Sponges ------------------------> hand made crochet from recycled yarn. lasts many years and I just wash them with our laundry.
  12. Dish washing liquid-----------> Eco Friendly Multi purpose cleaner
  13. Surface cleaner-----------------> Diluted multi purpose cleaner or vinegar. ( Used for bathtub, kitchen.......)
  14. Coffee filter -------------------> French press
  15. Bottled water ------------------> Tap water in reusable containers. 
  16. Hand lotion in kitchen--------> Gentle dish detergent. Olive oil if needed 
  17. Jet dry dish washer rinse-----> White Vinegar.
  18. Disposable plates, cups, utensils ...------> Small jars for party drinks. Plates and utenciles reusable.
  19. Disposable napkins------------> Fabric home made napkins. Only have one pack handy for picky guests. 
  20. Disposable aluminum containers------> Big Pyrex dishes
  21. Salad dressings.----------------> Olive oil and rice vinegar purchased from bulk store in my own jars.
  22. Yoghurt. ------------------------> Home made
  23. Tissues --------------------------> Only have a home made handkerchief made out of old Tshirts for my kid with allergies. Rest of us don't need it. Don't even remember what would we be using it for! 
  24. Books -----------------> Library and on line blogs. 
  25. CD, DVD -------------> Pandora and Netflix.
  26. Toys -------------------> Once a year for Christmas. One Big toy only. The Birthday party is our gift by itself.
  27. Clothes ---------------> once a year or so. Only if we truly need something. (Consumerism and buying cheap clothing and fast fashion is horrible for the environment.)
  28. Fabric softener-------> Not needed. Haven't used for many years and no one noticed. 
  29. Drier sheets-----------> Not needed
  30. Face wipes, make up removers, eye make up removers wipe..... ------ > wash with soap and wash cloth. Olive oil. Or coconut oil to remove make up. Don't wear too much make up any ways. 
  31. Cotton rounds--------> Home made and reusable. 
  32. Shower gel------------> Soap
  33. Exfoliator and scrubs for body.-----------------> Natural Loofah or a wash cloth
  34. Hair masks and treatments-----------------------> Olive oil and conditioner
  35. Face scrubs ----------------------------------------> Baking Soda
  36. Tooth Paste-----------------------------------------> Home made
  37. Mouth wash.---------------------------------------->  No need
  38. Different lotions for different parts of body. Foot lotion, hand lotion, cellulitis, dark spots, skin brighter.ETC, ETC....!!! --------> Home made lotion. Coconut butter+Shea butter+ bees wax+ water+ jojoba oil. Or just put some oil on right after shower and you are done. 
  39. Different make ups --------------->  See this post
  40. Colognes and perfumes ---------->  Only have one perfume and only use it on special occasions. Lasts two years. It is in my Christmas list every other year. 
  41. Face mask, cleanser, toner, tanner, black head remover. Etc......... ----------> Soap. Lemon juice. coconut and olive oil. Peroxide for acne. Baking soda.
  42. Hand sanitizers --------------------> Not needed.
  43. Candles. Still have from old days. ------> But not really needed. Used once awhile. 
  44. Bath foams, salts, fizzer........ -------------> Not needed. Preferring quick showers due to Drought. 
  45. Seosonal decorations ----------------> see this post.
  46. Air freshener -------------------------->  natural or not needed. 
  47. Office supplies.------------------------> We are paperless.
  48. Printer ink -----------------------------> refill.
  49. Extra Shoes ---------------------------> maybe once per year for each family member only as needed. (Fast fashion is damaging to environment)
  50. Latest gadgets and electronics.--------------> still working on my husband on that. But he is doing much better :) 
I am sure there is more. But honestly, many more items I see in other people's houses that I don't buy, need nor have.

It is kind of hard to know what you don't buy if you never bought them. For example different laundry detergents for dark and light and white and wool .........

Laundry perfumes!!!!!  ....... I never even knew they do exist!!!  (What a waste of money!) 

Did, NOT buying these items changed our quality of life? You bet it did! 

-A LOT Less clutter (Visually, Mentally and Emotionally).
-Less wasting time window shopping and browzing.
-Less stress due to things finishing and being low on something. (" I need to run! We need fabric softness and I can't do laundry!" A friend once said ).
-Less spending.
-Less time at stores ( We are usually In and Out).
-Less junk to organize and deal with.

 Yes. All these Less'es deeply changed the quality of our lives.

Think about it. 

What are YOU not buying and not missing?


I noticed that my computer hadn't saved my proof reading and this post was packed with mistakes. Please accept my apology.

While I am correcting the problem, I may as well add few more items.

Hee hee hee.

Here there are.

51.  Vacuum cleaner bags ------------------------>Roomba and a hand held vacuum. Just emptying the canister directly in the garbage bin does it.
51.  Any specialty tools, like various peeler, Apple cutter, Garlic crusher, Olive oil mister...........
52.  Most school supplies. Pens and other items-------------------------------> We have enough from old days to last us years to come. (Don't even know where all these pencils and pens are coming from)
53.  Extra clothing -----------------------------> We buy about once a year or so and only what we need.
54.  Microwave. Haven't had one for years.
55.  Individually packaged snacks.
56.  House decorations.----------> We have only two paintings which we have had for over 15 years.
57.  Unwanted gifts for friends -------------------> Beer, Wine, Food, eatables, Flowers, Gift card (Everybody has more than enough stuff in their houses. More incoming items for them are not the best gifts)
58.  Jewelry (Custom or real)---------------------> I have had few favorites that I love for years. Nothing new coming in
59. Nail polish ------------------> Have had a couple for years now.
60. Last but not least!!!!! Anything other than strict necessary. Includes Extra Glasses, Extra Sun Glasses, Multiple different drinking and coffee cups and glasses, Serving dishes, Fancy looking anything, Duplicate of anything and anything that needs to be advertised to be sold.

Can't even imagine how hectic my life would have been if I had been buying those stuff.

Thank you everybody for reading. Please think about your own shopping habits.

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