The green minimalist.

I have been trying hard to categorize and separate my writings  to create some sort of order. The problem is, it is all interconnected.
Green mostly includes minimalism.
Minimalism mostly make you live a more natural and green life.

When I started to live greener and care more about the nature, becoming detached from the consumerism trap I was in became essential in my journey. To live green, you will need to buy less and Reuse your resources, thus become more minimalistic.

Sometimes people confuse green living with hoarding though. They keep absolutely everything with the fear that someday, they might need it. But a true green lifestyle means stopping to buy unnecessary stuff. Another reason you wold automatically become greener by becoming a minimalist is that you will want to stay away from plastic. Living a plastic free life requires a lot of reduction in the things you own since way too many stuff are made of plastic.

Minimalism brings calmness and freedom to your life. The lack of unnecessary stuff is associated with a feeling of a heavy weight being lifted. I always note that getting rid of things makes me a lot happier than buying things. Give it a try and see the difference. Every bag of stuff that goes out of your home, will make you happier that a bag full of stuff coming in.

When you think like a green minimalism, you think functionality. Here are some questions a minimalist asks her/him self when tempted to buy something.

. Do I need this or I just want this?
. Can I live without it?
. Will I feel happier when I acquire this thing?
. Will I suffer without it?
. Will I like having the money instead of the stuff I am buying?
. Will I have to make room for it?
. What will the impact of me buying this item be on the environment?
. Will it end up in the landfill?
. How long will I use it before I need to discard it?
. 10 years from now, will having this item make a positive impact on my life?
. What will happen if I don't buy it?
. Do I need to spend time and money to maintain this thing?
. Will it simplify my life or make it more complicated?
. Do I love it and will I truly enjoy it?
. Am I buying it, because it is on sale?
. Am I borrowing money on my credit card to buy this item?
. Is it worth borrowing money for?
. Can I afford it?

Just think about the above questions before you buy anything.

Are you a Green Minimalist? Think about it.



  1. I love this question: "will I suffer without it?" I already subconsciously employ most of the others.

    Will I suffer without it? is a new way to think about possessions for me, and I think will also be really useful as I continue to try to scale back on objects I already own.

    1. Thank you AMD. I truly believe this is something we all need to think about before buying anything.