My moving nightmare. So thankful to be a minimalist.

Last night, I had a horrible nightmare. It was so stressful that when I woke up, I was clinching my
My winter bottom wardrobe. 8 pants. 3skirts. Too many pants. 
teeth and already had a headache. It was the second time I had this terrible dream.

In my nightmare, my husband and I were moving from a small place in the other country and had to catch A plane. In the mean time, the landlord sent someone to inspect the place before we were gone.

The apartment had two rooms and looked very nice and clean. We started packing. Our suitcases got full right away. Just when we thought we were done, we opened another closet's door and we found bunch of stuff we have forgotten about. We started going through those and the more we digged , the more stuff came out. The stress was building up. We finally emptied the closet and separatied every thing we really needed and wanted to keep and not knowing what to do with the rest, just made two piles of donate and trash.

Then we opened another door. The same thing happened. Another one, the same thing. We felt like we were drowning in stuff. Most things were new in the piles. Lots of clothes and sweaters. Tons of dresses. Piles and piles of kids toys. There was no way the stuff we wanted to keep would fit in our suitcase.

I felt the stress of missing our plane and the thought of all the money we spend for all these stuff that we coudn't take with us was very overwhelming. In my dream, I felt very poor. I felt that if we miss this plain, we can not afford to take another one. Also there were tons of good stuff in front of our eyes that we couldn't take with us.

The pressure was building. We finally realized that we had to miss our plane if we wanted to clean this place. The person the landlords sent was a nice lady that told us, the land lord wants to rent this place tomorrow and it has to be clean and empty. Otherwise, you will need to pay for another month.

We just kept going. Stuff started to change. They became more and older. Old books, old DVDs , classic valuable old dishes and decorations. Everything looked so expensive. We were not sure what to do and the time was going by fast. We gave tons of stuff to that lady and couldn't find a trash bag to place things in.

We looked at the time knowing that we missed our plane, our kids were waiting for us and in my dream, I wasn't sure what will happen to them if we didn't make it on time to pick them up. The apartment looked full and everywhere were stuff. We didn't have any money and the stuff were our responsibilities. We were going crazy.

Thankfully, that is the time I woke up. Ahhhhhhh. What a nasty nasty dream. My heart was beating fast and my hands were shaking. I looked around and seeing my simple and minimalistic bedroom has never made me happier.

During the day, every drawer I opened, I started to get stressed worring about all the stuff in it. I kept thinking about my nightmare and looking at all the stuff in my drawers that I could get rid of made me happy. I was happy to be able to reduce even more.

Today will be the day I am going to reduce a lot more and look for things that my family and I can live without.

The stress in my nightmare was a perfect reminder of how much stuff we do not need and how their only real effect in our life is the pressure they put on us to take responsibility for them and take care of them. Every little thing in my dream was a huge responsibility for us and the decision of what to be done with them was overwhelming.

Have you decluttered lately?

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