How to regrow green onions and leeks.

After one week in the water.
It is easy to have fun and always have some green onions and leeks handy by regrowing from your kitchen scraps.

Here is how i regrow green onions and leeks in the water.

The green onion was cut pretty short and this is after a week of growth in the water. I have been cutting parts and pieces and have been using them in my food already.

By planting my kitchen scraps, i am also teaching my children that they don't need to run to the store for the smallest thing. They can plant things and it could grow. Not every thing has to be bought.

I forgot to take a photo at the day one. But here is another photo two weeks and some cuts later.

If you choose to plant them, make sure they are watered regularly. But you don't have to plant them. They grow nicely in the water.

Try it and let me know your result.




  1. Replies
    1. Wonderful. I just did it with garlic too. It is growing very fast.

  2. I've got a jarful of onions all the time now.

    1. Wonderful!
      Thanks Kimberly for your comments. Goota love green onions.