No New Year resolution.

No New Year resolution.

Stop making New Year resolutions.

The reason?

The New year, the new month and the new Monday have been coming and going, and the chances that you actually lost that extra weight, or became perfectly organized , or exercised and got in perfect shape for the rest of the year have been very slim. Every year, we make the same resolutions and at the end, it might make us feeling worst and even feeling like a failure.

The new year resolution, is just another way to reset our clocks and tell our inner child;
" Ready, Set, Start."
 But in reality, it is just another day and It never really feels different than any other day.

To get your desired result and succeed, the best way is, Setting deadlines. This was the best thing for me and it worked wonderfully.

Here is how it works:

1. Set a deadline and decide that before the first of the year, you will loose that extra weight or you will finish that nagging, never ending paperwork...

2. Don't wait for the start. Just get started now and work on finishing things before your deadline.

3. Re set your deadline at the end of each day,week, month or even year if your task requires.

4. Take small steps and do not jump in big goals. For example, decide that by the end of this week, you will loose half an inch from your waist and two pond. Then the next week make another deadline and set another goal. When you decide that by the end of this year, i will loose 50 pound, it is a goal that possibly with scare you and fade away like every other year.

The reality is, there are a lot more people doing things at the last minutes than people that are prepared and finishing everything long before they are due. So instead of fighting it and make yourself miserable, set deadlines. The artificial deadlines are a wonderful way to actually do the things you need to do.

Have you ever noticed that before a trip, you want to do and finish everything? That is that artificial deadline i am talking about. To be proactive and prepared, you could adjust your deadline. For example, finishing taxes by the end of February, or pack for your move and set the deadline for the packing to be finished one week before the actual moving date.

This system makes you have enough time and a time cushion if you need to. It also takes the stress away from doing things you need to do and helps you to got the job done.

What are your resolution/deadlines this year?

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