12 tips on raising natural Children

Loving outdoors
Natural children,

When it comes to our children, it seams that there is an ongoing battle between us the parents and the technology. Our kids are becoming attracted and addicted to over stimulation and the result is, are kids to become board very easily.

Another down side is also the addiction to instant gratification and lack of patience and persistence. The loud noise, the ever changing images, the strong scent of their belongings and lack of physical activities are becoming very tough competitions for the nature of human being.

By the term natural i mean less affected by technology and media. Once out kids are too exposed to the media, their minds are on hyper drive and they get disconnected to nature.

Here are 12 tips on raising natural children.

  1. No TV or any kinds of screen during the week.
  2. Set limit on TV or other screen times during the weekend.
  3. Spend minimum of one hour per day out doors.
  4. Set Sundays as family day and choose an out door family activity.
  5. Plant a vegetable garden with your kids.
  6. Remove as much plastic as you can from their toys and surrounding.
  7. Remove markers from your home and ask them to use Pencils.
  8. Sign your kids up in physical activity classes if possible.
  9. Own a pet if possible.
  10. Choose a natural environment over a pre-designed play area.
  11. Have them help you with cooking from scratch.
  12. Take them to farmers market and farms.

How natural is your kid?



  1. Curious, why ditch the markers? I come from a family of artist, so in my house we encourage all kinds of creativity weather it be pencils, paint, sculpting, paper cutting and gluing.. We love all of it. Just curious why you do not?

    1. Thank you for your comment and a very good question Halo! We love art as well and i truly encourage my kids to enjoy creating.But as far as markers go, there are several reasons i would like to remove them.
      1. They are made of plastic, create None recyclable waste.Main reason for my waste free home.
      2. We need to keep buying more since they dry easily.
      3. Not a big fan of the unnatural chemical smell.
      4. Are not washable and mostly very messy and hard to clean.
      5. I prefer pencils, because they are made of wood, need sharpening and you can see when they finish,I noticed my kids value it more and learn to take care of it better.

      Thank you again