21 "More" benefits of decluttering.

Clutter has been one of the biggest causes of stress in our lives. When we clutter our lives physically and mentally, it drains our energy. We got in to the habit of organizing and reorganizing over and over again. If we truly want to have an organized life, we need to de-clutter first. Clutter is very stubborn. It sneaks right back to our lives very easily.

Here you can see the 20 "Less" benefits of de-cluttering.

Now i will post the 21 "More " benefits of de-cluttering.

1. More time for yourself.

One of the most important benefits of decluttering, is gaining more time for ourselves. The time we would have spent organizing and maintaining all our unnecessary stuff, will be free to be used for something else. Something we love and prefer doing. Imagine a life with less to clean and organize!!!

2. More money.

Many of the items that are cluttering our house, can be valuable to someone else. An item seating in the garage for many years, taking room and cluttering our mind and house, could be sold on E-bay or Craigslist. Some times a good sum of money can be made. Let those stuff go and try to sell them. This way, you make money and someone else that could use this item, will have a chance to enjoy it. It is a win, win situation. Some people have one garage sale per year and get stuff out of their house along with making some money. Not to mention the money you will not spend buying more stuff. Once you declutter, you will enjoy your space too much to clutter it again with bringing stuff in again.

3. More pleasant visual view.

One of the biggerst stressors in our life, is visual clutter. When things look nice, clean and organize, the view is calming and pleasant. But when your home looks crowded with clutter, the stress of unfinished things needing to be done, sneaks in your subconscious mind and can cause a very uncomfortable and stressful feeling. The more neat and organize your view is, the more calm and happy you will become.

4. More discipline.

When we have de-cluttered homes, we can focus more on things needing to be done. We don't feel overwhelmed any more and can have a lot more discipline in our daily schedule. With decluttering, the distractions and visual over simulations go away and we can focus on organizing our days and do more. It is a lot easier to have a nice and organized system when you have less to worry about.

5. More time.

This one is one of the best perks of decluttering. Imagine to have a lot less to clean. Less to store. Less to buy. Less to sell or get rid of. If you have less stuff and less to do, you will automatically gain more time. Time the the most valuable possessions we all have. Don't replace it with stuff. Don't waste it. Life is short.

6. More space.

Many times we feel like we don't have enough room. It just feels too crowded in our homes. We feel like we need to move to a bigger house, so we can fit in all our stuff. But here is a simpler solution. Have less stuff. Reduce your belongings and you will see how much more space you end up with. Go through your drawers and cabinets and get rid of things you have not used for the past year. Let them go and enjoy the empty spaces.

7. More mental room for progress.

Clutter and stuff, clutters our minds. When we have to deal with a lot of stuff, we have busy minds. With a lot of stuff to think and worry about, we don't dare to start a new project or new idea. The clutter drains our mental energy. When we de-clutter, our minds become more free and we have more time and mental energy to think and plan about future progresses.

8. More control over your life.

De-cluttering makes our tasks a lot more manageable and easier to deal with. The less stuff we have, the easier to control every thing in our life. Clutter makes our mind loose control. An organize and clutter free home gives us a lot more control over the situations and decisions in our life.

9. More responsible kids.

In our own home, this has been proven. Our kids have changed a lot since we became minimalists. Less stuff gives you more time to spend with your children. They also get use to valuing money and our belongings. They are getting used to not buying something they don't need. It is a lot easier for them to clean as well. So you can give them more responsibilities to help around the house.

10. More energy.

In Chinese Feng Shui, the flow of the energy is an important matter. The believe is that the more space the energy has, to flow, the healthier a home will be. But also in our lives, with less stuff, we don't have to spend our energy and time taking care of stuff. We have a lot more energy for doing what we love which reminds me, i don't think i know anybody that loves taking care of and dealing with stuff.

11. More sense of accomplishment.

Have you ever had those nights when you go to bed after finishing a big task and you just feel good and accomplished? Did you sleep better that night? When we have less stuff to deal with, we can accomplish more. This wonderful heavenly sense of accomplishment will become a part of our lives with less stuff to worry about.

12. More helping others.

The stuff we accumulate and feel bad getting rid of, could look like junk in our garages and attics. But they could also be treasures for people that need them. Just donate those items and set them free. Let others that truly need them, use them. If feels so good to donate and help others.

13. More socialization.

Years ago, many times, when my kids wanted to have someone over, the situation in our home was hopeless and it was unimaginable to have someone in this clutter. Cluttered homes can become unmanageable and it is hard to invite company in a home that is full of stuff. Reduce your stuff and make more room and time for good friends.

14. More productive.

With less stuff and clutter, we can have a better focus on what we do. Minimalism can help you achieve a laser sharp focus on the matter on hand without any distractions. Your productivity will raise with higher energy and more focus. The final sense of accomplishment is priceless.

15. More Romance.

Imagine a romantic candle light dinner with bunch of stuff all around you. It is hard to imagine it. isn't it? Now imagine a very clean and decluttered dining or bedroom. No toys, no unnecessary stuff, no papers and books and clothes everywhere. A nice and neat room is making the candle light quality time, a lot more romantic.

16. Finding long lost memories. More valuable stuff in your life.

Many times you will be surprised about what you find under neat that clutter. The usual things you hear during decluttering is" Oh. I didn't know this is here! Wow. I thought i'd lost it....". With decluttering and minimising, you make room for only what you truly value and love. When something is very valuable to you, the last place you want it to be is under piles of stuff.

17. More freedom.

Without many stuff to worry about, you can have the freedom to move easily, to travel easily and have the financial freedom as well. Stuff bound us to our environment. To have the freedom to reduce your work hours( if you choose to)is the best freedom one can have. Minimalist can help you achieve that.

18. More organized

There is a whole industry around organization. There are personal organizers and there are stores dedicated to storage and organizations. Our houses are packed with plastic bins and closet organizers. The truth is, before we buy more stuff to put our stuff in them, we need to reduce our stuff at the first place. It is so much easier to organize 10 items than 60 items. I know someone that had over 100 shoes and decided to organize them by buying 100 plastic individual shoe storage. Isn't it easier to reduce your shoes, to lets say, 20 and you won't even need those plastic shoe organizers? Not to mention the savings.

19. Safer home

One of the problems always mentioned in the show hoarders is a safety issue. When we have de-cluttered houses, we have a lot less to clean and thus we will have less dust, less barriers and dangerous stuff on the floor that someone could trip and fall. De cluttering reduces the dust collection and it is so much easier to reach all those hidden areas to clean when there are not too many stuff around the house.

20. More appreciation for belongings.

Owning less stuff makes us appreciate and value what you have. When you have one, of something, you take care of it a lot more than when you have many of the same item. Decluttering makes you take care of your belongings.

21. A clearer and calmer mind

It is so much easier to feel calm and serene when our homes are clean and organize. De-cluttering could really change our lives. With the wonderful feeling of freedom and accomplishment with the appreciation for our belongings and our money, our minds will be calmer and clearer.
    Have you started decluttering yet?


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