Plastic free freezer

My freezer.
You might have never heard or thought about it before. But our freezers are one of the places that uses tons of plastic bags.We place everything in plastic bags without thinking. I used to do that. I remember the days that i just took thing out of the bag and just dump the plastic bag in the garbage.

Well, those days are long gone for me.

No more plastic bags. I gradually invested in many Pyrex dishes that have a nice and snug cover. I just wish those covers were not made of plastic. Silicon has been very popular lately. It would have been making a good replacement.

How it works for me? !!!

  • You can buy one or two dish at a time, so it is not a financial burden.

  •  Make sure they all are the same size and color, so they can stack easily and neatly

  • Find your own perfect size, before you start buying. For us, a family of four, this is a good size.

  • Mason jars make a great replacement for the plastic bags. I have chicken stocks in those jars and use them for soup. 

  • You can dedicate an area of your freezer to meat, another one to vegetable... so things stay organize and easy to find. 

  • Make sure the dishes are clear, so you can see what is inside. This reduces the hassle of labeling them.

  • It is very helpful, if you remember to move the dish you need, to the refrigerator ( from the freezer), a day before you are ready to use it.

  • These dishes can be microwaved easily.

  • The Pyrex dishes can be washed effortlessly in the washing machine.

  • You can easily freeze all kinds of vegetable during summer, so it could be used in winter.

  • Make sure you are not buying too much food and over stock you freezer. It is better to eat fresh food and buy only what you need.

  • Always try to use and finish what you already have in your freezer, before buying more of the same thing.

I have been using these for almost a year and had no problem. If you decide to give this system a try, let me know how does it go. Happy de-plastic-ing your freezer.



  1. Hi Paris,

    Thanks for sharing this idea. We've also been freezing things in glass for quite some time now and despite doing it for about 3 years haven't had any of our glass containers break or even crack.

    All the best,


    1. Thank you Mathew for you comment. It is wonderful how the food does not get that freezer smell either. 3 years! wow. How nice. I just started last year and it has been working perfectly.
      I just checked on your website. It is an amazing website with tons of wonderfull information beautifully done.

      Thank you

  2. This is great. We also freeze glass with no problems. It is important to let people know not to subject the containers to extreme temperature differences... for example, going from the freezer to the microwave or running under hot water. It's also best when using mason jars not to fill them all the way to avoid having the food expand and break the glass. So far, following these rules, we haven't had any break either.

    1. Thank you beth for these wonderful information. You are right. I should have mentioned them. I have to admit though that i have been placing uncaped mason jars in the microwave and so far so good.
      Thank you again.