Don't throw food away Series. All left overs soup.

Here in US, we throw left over away very easily. What we are not aware is that this left over can easily become great Delicious meals for the whole family. Why waste?


1. Take home Left over chow mein from restaurant. My son rarely finishes all his food and we usually end up taking his left over home. It has been a life saver since i can pack it for his lunch in daycare the next day.  or he can have it as a snack. This time we ended up with extra chow mein ( Chinese noodles) it was not enough to become his lunch. So i decided to become creative.

2. Left over oven baked vegetable from a party ( Frozen) it consisted of green beans, carrots, Broccoli and Napa cabbage.

3. Broccoli stems saved in freezer.

4. Rotisserie chicken . we just had some wonderful friends over and i decided to have a simple friendly dinner. So i got 3 rotisserie chickens and cooked some vegetables for the side. At the end of the  dinner, i ended up with lots of chicken parts an tons of chicken broth and juices plus some baked vegetables.
Boiling chicken broth. Full of nutrients
. So i put the chicken in a pot with cover and in refrigerator. The next day, i got to work. first i added some water and let the whole thing boil for about 30 min. then i had tons of very very rich chicken broth. I filled small 2 jars and placed them in freezer after they cooled off ( ran out of empty jars, otherwise i could have filled many of them) . then while it was boiling some more , around 6 spoon full broth and some chicken was place in a separate pot along with some broccoli stems i saved in freezer. Once the broccoli was cooked, I put the left over vegetable and noodles in. 5 minutes later we had the yummiest soup.

As far as rest of the chicken goes, i removed all the bones and ended up with a huge batch of tender meat and broth. I am going to use half for a Persian dish ( Fesenjoon) and the other half for another soup tomorrow.

Yummy soup.

Wonderful meals have been prepared from only left overs. Why waste, if it can be used. Did i mentioned the amount of nutrients in these meals?

Try it.
Happy cooking with left overs.

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