15 reasons why having a saving is crucial!

Having a saving has become one of the last things people think about. Yet it is one of the most important actions in your life. When you live a Minimalistic life, the savings usually happens automatically. They go hand by hand.It is amazing how, not buying stuff and trying to stay away from Consumerism, comes with reduced expenses, and you start seeing and feeling, all the money you didn't spend.

15 Benefits of having a Saving.

1. Peace of mind. Having a saving is a huge peace of mind. A saving is the bast sleeping pill. When you loose a job, have an emergency, are sick... a saving is a huge comfort.

2. Dignity. Having a saving makes you feel more dignified. When you need money that you don't have, many times, asking friends and relatives becomes the only choice. Not everybody is nice about it. Some may not be able to help and it is not easy to face rejection.

3. Freedom. There is no questions about how money could bring freedom. A saving, could help you free yourself from an unpleasant bill, Debt, Credit Card, emergency situation, car troubles...

4. Pride. When you have savings, the pride you feel is priceless. Saving take ambition and work. You should be proud for saving and being able to keep your  head high and pitch in for your share when is needed.

5. Security. A saving gives you security and comfort. Feeling secure and safe from all kinds of "what If"s is just liberating. Not living with the fears, is life changing.

6. Better future.When you have Savings, you can count on it for better future. A retirement saving account that is well planned and contributed to, could build a secure and comfortable future.

7. Less stress. Having a saving or cushion money reduces many stresses associated with late bills, emergency situations, last minutes changes, loosing a job, health problems... Because in all these situations, the problem by itself is stressful to deal with. But not having any money on top of those problems can be devastating and extremely stressful.

8. Debt reduction. You can use some of your savings to reduce your debts ( I don't recommend all of it though) . Getting in the mindset of saving by itself, makes you become more organized towards your debt reduction. Minimalists don't spend that much, thus before you know it, you start having extra money, savings and ultimately debt reductions.

9. No debt. The minimalists rarely have any debts. As I said, Minimalism comes with financial perks, even though that was not your intention to start with. The first rule of thumb for becoming a minimalist is to simply stop spending. so not accumulating more debts and creating a savings are the best routs towards paying off your debts.

10. Power to help. Imagine one of your loved ones is having an emergency, Could you help them if you didn't have a saving? having a savings could make the difference of helping the loved one or helplessly watching them suffer.

11. Better relationship. Everybody knows that financial problems could take a toll on any relationship. Many family fights and blame games start when the money becomes tight. Even the stress by itself could cause lots of problems in relationships. Having a saving could alleviate the stress and the blame game in a relationship.

12. Income. A nice well planned saving could be a wonderful source of income. it could be invested in the good investment. It could be the money that helps you catch that one, once in a life time opportunity. could be even simply deposited in the bank building interest.

13. Convenience. A saving can bring a huge amount of convenience in to your life. It could make the difference between riding a bus, or riding a plain in a last minute emergency trip. It could bring you comfort. It could buy you a hot cup of coffee in a cold day. It could help you take advantage of many life's conveniences.

14. Health. When you have a saving, your stress is reduced. This by itself contributes enormously to your health. Stress reduces your immune system. The less stress you have, the less sick you will get. Also having a saving frees your hand to spend on healthier food, health clubs, Organic food and in general, helps you build a healthier life style.

15. Respect. Even though you don't want to believe it, having money can earn you respect. The confidence , the security and the self respect that comes with having a saving, makes people respect you. Many times it is not the money, it is how you feel that causes this earned respect.

Do you have a saving?



  1. The longer you wait to establish this habit, the tougher it gets to begin it. I’m still struggling with the “pay yourself first” or put some money into savings before paying the bills. Starting right away is important.

    1. You are absolutely right. The sooner, the better. We noticed it too that it takes commitment to "pay yourself first". But practice makes perfect.