How to simplify and organize your Tupperwares.

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Tupperware drawer or cabinet has become one of the biggest challenges in organising one's kitchen.

The lost tops and miss matched bottoms are a mystery yet to be solved. I remember the commercial about a brand saying "Don't get mad, Get glad". It was for a disposable Tupperware. Made of plastic that you could lend to a friend and just let it go.

I remember buying tons of them in various sizes and every time, deciding that this was it. I will throw away all the old ones and start fresh. This set is going to stay perfectly organize and will not have the same destiny as the old one. Boy was i wrong. Within few months, the cabinet would get overflown by different tops and bottoms that for some weird reason never matched.

Only when i was ready for a big change, the solution to that big problem became very clear. Now, it has been years since i organized or bought any Tupperware and don't even want to remember how frustrating and expensive it was.

Here is how to do it.

1. Decide on one or two sizes only. You don't need to have twelve different sizes.

2. Set a budget aside, or buy gradually as i did.(Winco in Folsom had the best deal)

3. Dump the plastic and go for Pyrex Glass containers.

4. Decide how many you need and buy as you go. I suggest to start small and add as needed. Don't go buying twenty four pieces while ten will do it for you.

5. Buy the same size and color tops to keep your life organized and uncluttered. Don't buy a set with different sizes and colors.

6. Use it for refrigerators, Freezers, snacks ...

7. Donate all your old Tupperware.

8. Get used to never ever organizing and buying another plastic Tupperware.

Perks and tips are:
  • Since it is glass, people will always return it to you.
  • For cookies and other dry stuff for others, i simply use brown paper bags and don't worry about someone returning it.
  • The glass and the top are very easy to clean and are machine washable.
  • You can Microwave the food in the glass container without worrying about toxins.
  • Every top matches every bottom.
  • No more freezer burn on your food.
  • Your refrigerator and freezer will look a lot more organize.
  • Food lasts longer since it is sealed nicely and glass is cleaner with less germs.
  • Last but not least, the food taste better warmed and stored in glass and you will never get the freezer or refrigerator smell in your food since it is sealed nicely.

When was the last time you organized your Tupperware cabinet?


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