Minimalist closet.

What is a minimalist closet?

The less clothes we have in our closet, the easier it is to make daily decisions. If you are like me, you usually end up in front of a full closet, staring, thinking "I have nothing to wear".

A simplified minimalistic closet, is the key to stress-less easy decision making. One of the best ways to simplify your wardrobe is setting a fix number for every item. For example, you know you will only need four pairs of pants or six shirts. This will help you to know exactly what you have and stop buying unnecessary items with the hope of solving the dilemma of having nothing to wear.

Here is a sample of a minimalist closet. For some reason, number 4 appeals to me. But you can choose any number under 10 to have a decluttered closet.


- 4 Skirts ( Ladies, 2 summer, 2 winter)
- 4 Short pants ( 3 daily, 1 dressy)
- 4 Pants (2 Jeans, 2 dress pants)


- 4 short sleeves or sleeveless shirts ( Summer)
- 4 long sleeve mid season tops.
- 4 Combine, Winter sweaters or Jackets ( Thickness depending on the area you live at)
- 4 Party Tops.( If needed depending on your social life)
- 4 Work shirts and blouse.


- 4 Party and summer dresses.
- 2 Sleeping wear sets.
- 2 Work suites
- 2 Sets of work out clothes

- 1 Sport shoe
- 2 Party heels or shoes ( Black and your favorite color)
- 2 Summer Sandals (One flat and One wedge for ladies)
- 2 covered toe shoes(For cool weather)
- 1 Boot.

- 2 Purses

This might sound extreme, but it will make your life a lot easier.

The benefits:
. Less room needed
. Easier to do laundry
. Decluttered, manageable and organized closet
. Easier mixing and matching wardrobe
. Less expense since you will stop buying too many things
. Helping the society by donating your un wanted and not needed items
. Less time needed to take care of your wardrobe
. Owning only the items you love and wear
. Can pay guiltless for the best qualities since you reduced the quantities.

Don't forget to mix and match, Layer and accessorise.

How many items do you have in your closet?



  1. I like the idea! Guess what! In my case, I have to buy more!

    1. Wow. This is impressive that you have less than above list and live in USA. Check on my other post, "The minimalist clothes shopping" for some ideas before you buy. Keep up the good work.

  2. I too have less - 2 dresses - no skirts, 3 jeans though but no dress pants ( one of my jeans are dressy enough) 2 boots because it has been an extra cold winter for Pjs I use cuddle duds and they are great for winter spring or fall - do you have any? but heres my weakness - I have 6 pocketbooks. A couple are sentimental - like one I got in China when we adopted my son and one my Husband gave me on our first married birthday many years ago that I still love. I also have 2 winter robes and 2 summer robes - so these are my weakness that I must work on. Thanks for all your ideas!