Don't need to be an excessive environmentalist.

 It is easy to live a sustainable life.

To love and respect nature, you don't need to live a difficult life, or sacrifice your family's comfort. There are many easy ways to live a happy and fulfilling life and still live green.

I have seen and read so many stories about people that spend hours, to peel the paper of a can to be able to recycle it, or don't use toilet paper, so they can save trees.

Living green should not sacrifieses your comfort and your familie's well being. Here are some easy changes that have a nominal effect on your life, but make a big difference in environmental health.

These tips are simple to apply and mostly focuses on the matter of choosing the greener version of everything we use. ?

Here are some easy tips about making a better world without compromising our happiness.

- When you go to Starbucks for a drink, ask for their "For here cup" or bring your own cup. Just decide that you will stop using disposable cups.

- If you have the desire and the financial option to buy a Electric or Hybrid car, consider it . You will save tons of money on gas too.

- Just learn and teach your family to turn unused lights off.

- Don't be wasteful. Try to reuse things and if something can be repaired, repair it instead of trowing it away and buying a new one.

- Try to go paperless in your kitchen. It is very easy and it saves a lot of money.

- Consider a smaller house if you have the option and the desire. Smaller house consumes a lot less resources and is much easier to care for.

- Buy only when you need something. Don't just buy, because, for a second, you think it is nice to own something or because it looks like a deal.

- Try to buy as natural as possible. For example, when buying any clothing, try to look for all cotton instead of all the synthetic materials. Cotton is from nature and goes back to nature, Polyester is plastic and will never go back to nature.

-   Invest in a water filter. Stop buying bottled water. It makes a huge difference environmentally and financially.

- Try to buy recycled paper, or toilet paper wrapped in paper instead of non recycled one wrapped in plastic.

- Isolate your home and always turn off your heater and AC when not needed.

- When ready to buy cleaning supplies, try to buy the Eco friendly kinds. You still clean nicely without of the huge impact on the environment.

- Stop buying books and use the library.

- Recycle as much as you can.

- Shop from your Farmer's Market. This one makes a big difference.

- When buying something, like cosmetics and toys, always look for the natural choices first. A naturally made cosmetic made in your own country, or a wooden toy, still gives you what you wanted with a lot less impact.

Do you do any of the above?


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