Decluttering your Closet.

How to declutter and creat a minimalistic closet.

Our closts are one of the easiest places to get cluttered and disoraganize. We invest so much money and time to build, fill, upgrade, update, organize, dry clean, take care, and iron our worderobe and yet at the end we usually have nothing to wear.

A decluttered minimalistic closet makes our life simpler. When we only own a number of items that we love, wear, look good in and cherish, we are happier. We spend less time to organize our warderobe and it is so much easier to choose something to wear.

Decluttering Tips:

  • Stop buying.The very first step you need to take is to stop buying. many of us start with buying more clothes with the hope of replacing the old ones and starting fresh.Many of us also start with buying organization boxes and storage units, but this will only add to your load of stuff and make it harder to declutter.

  • Start Purging.To creat a functional and minimalistic closet, there are different ways of tackling it. The one important thing is to reduce your load and start purging. the less items you have, the easier to clean and organize. You have to have no marcy as far as purging goes. 

  • Let things go. In order to get organize and reduce, you have to start letting things go. This could be one of the hardest parts to deal with. Many people hoard items, because they think that by keeping that item, they might be able to give it a second life. This causing for the item to seat there in their closet, never being worn and just adding to your level of stress. But by donating this item, there will be other people that will buy and enjoy and actually wear this item.

  • Separation anxiety. Sometimes it is very hard to separate from an item of clothing that you have memories with. Could it be from the time you used to be very slim and felt good? Could it be from when you had the best time of your life? At this point you need to really make a decision. Don't force yourself to seperate if this item has a special meaning to you. Have a Bin or a box for your memories and place it in there. But take it out of your closet. It does not belong there any more. It belongs to your memory box. Live the closet for the clothing you will wear, only.

  • Start removing. Have no mercy.remove every thing you haven't worn in the past year and the chance of you wearing it is very slim.Unless it is an item for very special ocasions.(For example maternity clothes and you are planing to get pregnant again. I honestly would give them away and keep maybe just a few items in a box away from my daily clothes).Remove everything that does not fit. Too long, too short, too tight, too old, too loose, too small, too out dated, too colorful, too boring, worn too many times, too uncomfortable, too stained. Ripped. Shrunk. Itchy sweaters.Duplicates.or you do not love.

  • Repurpose. Now from this pile, separate any favorite that you absolutely love and could be back in system by some alteration. Place these items in a bag and preferably put it in the car, or next to your purse to be able take care of it as soon as possible.

  • Consign. Place all of the removed items in a box, or bag and get ready to drop them at a consignment store as soon as possible.There are more and more consignment stores opening these days due to the economy.If you can make some money in the process of your decluttering, why not doing it.Make sure you let them know that you want everything donated if they can not sell any item.If you have expensive brand name items and do not want to donate, just inform the consignment store and they will return them to you af it does not get sold. You can place them on Craigslist or e-bay by yourself.

  • Donate. Every thing they do not accept, bring to the donation center immediately.Do not bring them back home.You can get a receipt and get a nice tax credit. It also makes you feel good.

  • Box them. If you have items that you are not sure about, place them in a box with the date on it. If six months from now, you still havn't open this box, take it straight ( without opening) to the consginment store and then donation.
Congratulations. Seat back and relax and enjoy your new emptier closet. But still this does not mean that you can go out and shop till you drop just because you have more room in your closet.