85 Simple little pleasures.

What makes us happy? Why at we always in pursue of happiness? What happened when we find it?

People set goals and look forward to become happier. It is a wonderful thing to do. Setting goals and working hard towards them by itself brings us happiness. But how about all the little things in our daily life that counts? How about simple little pleasures?

Here are the list of the simple little pleasures that one can enjoy simply by paying attention and valuing them.

  1. Watching a child sleep.
  2. Falling asleep while cuddling in a rainy day.
  3. Holding hands
  4. Sun
  5. Blue sky
  6. Rain
  7. Cloud
  8. Music
  9. Dancing to a live band
  10. Smell of coffee
  11. Smell of flowers
  12. Smell of fresh rain
  13. Smell of fresh cut grass
  14. Lady bugs
  15. Waking up early
  16. Walking bare food in the grass
  17. A hot bubble bath in the cold weather
  18. Candles
  19. Running through the autumn leaves
  20. Smell of burn fire in the morning in a village
  21. The colors of Autumn
  22. Memories of the first kiss
  23. Fire place
  24. Baby smell
  25. Coloring
  26. Watermelon
  27. Fog
  28. Finishing a long, hard job on your to do list.
  29. Stretching in the morning
  30. A Smile from a stranger
  31. Looking at flowers
  32. A friend's hug
  33. A warm cup of coffee in the snow.
  34. Trying to catch snow in my mouth
  35. Running in the rain
  36. Making snow angles
  37. Jazz music
  38. Dancing
  39. Afternoon nap
  40. Birds chirping in the early mornings
  41. Good memories
  42. Full moon
  43. Laughing hard
  44. Evening breeze on a warm night
  45. Talking to old friends.
  46. Watching a good movie again
  47. Hot chocolate
  48. Cackling firewood
  49. Summer rains
  50. Ice creams
  51. Water
  52. Love
  53. Kiss
  54. Hugs
  55. Family
  56. Coloring
  57. Butterflies
  58. Petting a cat's cozy fur
  59. Apology
  60. Reading
  61. Sunrise
  62. Finding seashells.
  63. A beautiful view
  64. Fresh tomatoes
  65. Farmer's market
  66. Thunderstorm
  67. Rainbow
  68. Sneeze
  69. Yawn
  70. Sleeping
  71. Quiet times
  72. Good food
  73. A glass of vine
  74. Freedom
  75. Holiday music
  76. Floating on the water
  77. Walking barefoot on the sand
  78. Little acts of kindness
  79. Waking up fresh
  80. Someone truly being happy to see you
  81. A good dream
  82. Listening to kids play by themselves
  83. Smell of toast in the morning
  84. Weekends
  85. An honest compliment
  86. ...


  1. Lots of wonderful pleasures...thanks for sharing and thanks for stopping by and visiting me! :)

  2. Thank you for your nice comment. I enjoyed your page and loved what you did. We all live our lives looking for something more, while the simple lettle pleasures are all around us.