Why simplifying? Simple steps to a simpler life.


why to even think about simplifying? Why bother?

Simplifying has many benefits. It could be life changing. We all are used to living in a rat race. This is a life, many of us are or have been living.
Wake up in the morning.
Ready. Set . Gooooooo


Work harder.
Buy more.
Pay more
Worry more

Work even harder.
Burn out and be exhausted.
Buy even more to feel happier.
More debts.
Pay more.
Stress a lot more.
Worry a lot more.
Have a lot more to clean and maintain.
Have a lot more expenses and debts.
Hire and pay people to help you with your life. Nannies, Gardeners, Cooks, Personal assistants...
Buy more to feel happy.
Work more.

Minimalistic lifestyle is:
1. STOP. Just stop for a moment.
2. STOP buying. Go on a buying diet. Lets say for 3 months. Just buy necessary grocery items. That is it.
3. Start reevaluating things you own. 
4. Start decluttering.
5. Sell, donate, sell , donate and then donate some more.
6. Down size if possible and if you choose to.
7. Reduce the amount of your belongings. Declutter. 
8. Simplify your finances, 
9. Simplify your relationships.
10. Pay off your debts.
11. Start saving, you should have some extra money ,Since you went on a money diet. Right? 
12. Start living a happier, more relax, more simplified life.
13. Start feeling FREE.

What have you changed in your life today?

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