Less is more!!!

Quality time in the park.
The good old saying that "less is more" is something to treasure.

My family and I benefited tremendously from becoming minimalistic. Our level of minimalism is not, nor will ever be owning less than a certain amount of stuff. But what we have, makes us happy and helps us live a very comfortable life without the need for more.

Living with less, was like a fight for my family and I understand them. I always had the tendency to be a minimalist. The perfectionist in me loved it. But my family had a harder time since they truly found joy in shopping. The problem was that I was the one that had to deal with the aftermath. As the mother of the house,  the cleaning and maintaining a huge house automatically became my responsibility. Sometimes I felt I was drowning in stuff. My daughter's room was over flowing with stuff. I tried so many different things  and ideas to organize these massive about of stuff. But it didn't work.

I spent hours and hours matching every Barbie shoe and every puzzle piece. Every piece of clothing with the matching hair accessory. The time I had to spend with my daughter, was wasted in cleaning the big mess while my daughter watched TV. Oh I regret those days. I should have get all of those stuff out of my house and enjoy my little girl. That is exactly what I did.

Now we have less. Less of everything.
Less clothing.
Less toys.
Less decorations.
Less house.
Less shoes.
Less dishes.
Less stuff.
Less stress.
Less expense.
Less of being overwhelmed.
No debt.

What we ended up with is:
More time
More savings
More fun
More quality time
More bonding to the kids
More home made and healthy food
More nature
More exercise and moving around
More time for friends
More peace of mind
More of all the real good stuff.

What could you have less of to get more?

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