Simplified linen closet

Organize and simplify your linen closet.

Linen closet could become the source of stress and clutter. Linens are something that you could easily buy too much of. It could be a big task to organize and declutter. But with the right system, it could also be quite simple and organize.

When it gets to bedding, each house has a different system. We in United States tend to accumulate too many bed sets. There are many ways to organize a linen closet.

Here are some tips for getting an organized linen closet.

  • Reduce the amount of linen to only the essentials 
  • Stop buying every set you see on sale just because it is on sale
  • Try to have the same colors for each size
  • Two sets for each family member is enough
  • For summers, you can use just the duvet cover 
  • For winters, a comforter could be added and if needed an extra blanket.
  • Fold and Place each set in their pillow case. 
  • If you have specific sets for a specific bed or bedroom, you can keep the set in that bedroom. 
  • You could either place the matching sets under their beds, in a covered storage or in the closet.

I used to have different sizes and colors and pieces. It was driving me crazy. We had 18 sets plus some single pieces.

Over ten years we accumulated:
  • Crib  / toddler size for our son (4 of them. 1 Cars, 1spiderman 2 baby styles)
  • Twin size for guest futon and our daughter's bunk bed(6 of them. Bought different colors to match our decoration , every time we changed something or colored any walls . 2 of them were Hello Kitty)
  • Full size for my daughter. 4 of them. 2 Hello kitty, 1 brown and blue, 1 fun blue ( she liked the colors)
  • Cal king for our bedroom. 4 sets. (Bought two fancy ones and then years later another two more practical ones). 
The bad thing is that we always bought a whole set to stay organized, so we had many "bed in a bags"

I will not even start with the towels , comforters and other stuff...

After decluttering I found out that I did not even like flat sheets. I never used them. They just came with the sets . I placed them on the bed and after the first use they were crammed on the side of the bed and the comforters were the parts that got used and dirty. It was such a pain to wash the fancy comforters.

I did not like our linen closet, So after we moved, i came up with this solution.

Kids beds and the whole sets were sold on Craigslist. 
With the money bought:

. A simple bunk bed from IKEA that could be separated in to two identical twin beds. 
. 4 inflatable mattresses ( for guests)
. 6 sets of exact same color and style matching duvet and pillow covers.
. 6 fitted sheets 
. 6 natural dawn comforters size twin from IKEA. 
. 6 total number of pillows. 
. 4 water proof mattress covers. 

Done with guests and kids linen. 

This was a life saver. So easy to grab a fitted sheet, duvet cover and a pillow case. Changing the bedding is a piece of cake. They all look the same and are folded nicely. 

I can also have 4 guests without any headaches. 

For ourselves, we switched our queen bed after moving. I did the same for us.

. 2 king duvet covers and pillow cases from Ikea. Same color and style. 
. 2 fitted sheets for queen (100% cotton) same colors. 
. 1 king comforter ( we had it already)
. 1 mattress cover to keep our mattresses in good shape.

That takes care of our master bedroom. No more tons of different pillows , sheets, bed skirts... 

What do you have in your linen closet?


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