Simplified towels

Minimalistic towel system.

Simple and organize towel system is well worth the minimal effort and money spent.

We used to have tons of mismatched towels. Bunch of guest towels, old Hello Kitty, Barbie, Cars, Spider-Man towels. Over the past 10 years the Christmas, Halloween, Thanksgivings sales got me many times and caused me to buy tons of extra stuff thinking our life will be happier with these. But the truth is that it just added to our stress and clutter.

Now, I don't even think or stress about it any more. My system worked!!!

I learned that instead of buying decoration, we can make stuff and have kids help me with natural decorating. This way it is a lot less clutter, less money spent, less waste created and the Holiday spirit is full force in place. Kids really enjoy the quality time we spend together making things.For example, Instead of buying Christmas decorated linen, we make cookies from scratch and decorate them. Or buy real pumpkins and decorate the house with them.

Here is my towel system that worked for us.

  • Have 2 matching Bath towels for each family member.
  • Have 2 matching Hand towels for each person.(matched with the Bath towels)
  • Preferably choose White with different color stripes.
  • Color code for each person.
  • 1 Beach towel per person.

That is it. So easy, minimal, simple and organize. Each person knows their own color.
We will always have 4 extra sets to use for guests.

The color white,  keeps the whole thing very organized and un-cluttered. these towels are pleasant on eyes but still differ in color, so the family members don't mix their towels.

We just have 2 extra hand towels with 1 matching bath towel that is ready for guests. we use them for our third bathroom downstairs ( kept my favorites from old days)

How many towels do you have?
Do you have a system?


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