Minimalism and plastic

There are two ways to step away from plastic by living a minimalistic lifestyle.

1. Credit cards. yes.This plastic would be your credit cards. The minimalistic lifestyles and credit cards don't mix together that well.

Usually when you live as a minimalist, you end up spending less. A lot less. Because you are not buying lots of stuff that other people buy. Even though many people become a minimalist to live more freely, or greener, or fight the consumerism, there are many people that choose this life to reduce their expenses.

Yes. Minimalism helps to pay off your debts and reduce your expenses. It helps you get less overwhelmed and more organize. This saving associated with the new learnt organization skill, is a perfect combination for paying off the credit card debt,AKA, "the plastic"

2. The plastic. The anti consumerism attitude that usually comes with minimalism, encourages people to buy less and create less waste. The minimalism also makes people think about the quality vs quantity and this by itself guides people toward buying less plastic and longer lasting, higher quality items.

Plastic means
  1. Cheap,
  2. Short life, breaks easily
  3. Low quality, does not work as good
  4. Discarded easily ( Not repaired), because it was cheap and doesn't work.
  5. It lands in the landfills.
  6. Next cheap item replaces it, happy corporations, due to a high sales production
  7. the cycle repeats
  8. The earth gets trashed
  9. No money in our pockets, we have to constantly buy replacements.

The minimalism and De plastic-ing go hand to hand.

Have you thought about De plastic-ing your home?



  1. Yes i am just starting the process of de-plasticing my home! It's unbelievable how much plastic there is when you open your eyes to it! I have been on a minimalist journey for the past 3yrs and usually try to go for more quality natural materials when buying or replacing something but i hadn't really gotten serious about going plastic free until finding your blog recently:) I also checked out the zero-waste blog that you recommend and i would love to cut right back on packaging all together. It's a challenging task for sure but well worth it. Thanks for the inspiration and tips:)

    1. My pleasure Megan. I am glad I can help. You are right! We have more plastic in our life that we realize. So proud of you for starting this process and good luck on your wonderful plastic free journey.