Nissan Leaf. Electric vehicle

Nissan Leaf. My Electric vehicle.
I have a Nissan leaf. I always wanted one. Few month ago, my husband found one with a great deal. He got it for me for my 40 Th Birth day(Thank you love :)

Before the Nissan Leaf I used to drive a huge van. I always felt guilty driving around, by myself, in such a huge car, just to run errands. I felt that I am using all this energy, imported gas and create all this pollution to just lets say buy some apple, or mail a card.

Now I drive around in my little Nissan Leaf and drive guilt free. We live in a place that it is almost impossible not to own a car. Our suburb has been built for big cars and homes were built with 2,3, sometimes even 4 car garages. It makes me think that even if someone wants to take the public transportation and live a greener lifestyle, the city planing makes it almost impossible.

My small Nissan Leaf  has some pro's and Cons.


  • zero emission. Thus no pollution.
  • Zero gas. Bye bye gas stations.
  • No oil change. ever!!!
  • Smooth.drives very nice and smooth.
  • Very low electricity usage.uses only around $30- $50 electricity per month which we are hoping to offset with signing up with Greenergy on SMUD.
  • Grate mileage in town.That is where I mostly drive.
  • No noise pollution. It even has an artificial noise generator to warn people that a car is approaching.
  • Has the looks. classy, cool, matching every age group.
  • Guilt free driving. not worrying about the pollution or the gas consumption.
  • Free fast charging stations.All the Whole Foods stores have free charging stations right in front of the store and the parking spot is reserved only for Electric vehicle owners.
  • Can be plugged in to any electric plug.
  • Recharges itself when pressing the break.
  • Comfortable, spacious and works perfect for a family if 4.
  • Clean air access sticker for Carpool driving.


  • Charging takes too long. 12 hours at home and 6 hours at the commercial chargers to charge if the battery is completely empty ( mine has never gotten completely empty yet)
  • The fast half an hour commercial chargers are not on west coast of USA yet.
  • It does not give me a good mileage in highway. I can see clearly how my battery 's energy is draining when driving in a highway.
  • It can not be a family's only car in a suburb. For example if I need to drive to the airport and back, I might not make it on one charge ( i will need to recharge in the airport, it is free, but i will need to spend hours there to wait for the charging to complete). So we have to plan and exchange cars with my husband if I need to drive further or have too many far errands to run.

Overall I am loving and enjoying my beautiful Leaf and also I see many people asking me about it. It makes me happy to see people considering a zero emission electric vehicle.I only wish it was white!!!

Have you considered or test drove a Hybrid or a Electric car?

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