Quest to finding the perfect purse.

Quest to finding the perfect purse.

Purses are one of the most vital parts of a woman's life. They carry all our stuff, along with our children's stuff. Not to mention carrying our husband's keys and valet and sun glasses for them.

"Honey, can you please put my key in your purse? I don't know where to put them." Is a familiar phrase in our home.

Many years ago, i bought a red purse that i used once in a while. I just loved the color. Back when i started to reduce and minimise, this one was a purse that i just couldn't let go of. So i kept it.

Now i only have three purses. One is for summer, One is a gift from my lovely sister in-law that i Cherish and love and one is my red purse. Once the cold weather started, i started carrying the red one around and loved it. It was making me happy. My only problem was that since it was a big purse, i tend to over fill it. But i was OK with it. Unfortunately, being an inexpensive purse, the wear and tear started showing right away. Before i knew it, i started not enjoying it as much. The little threads started showing and only after couple of short months use, it already looked old.

The look started bothering me and it was time for another purse. Here is my quest for a perfect purse.

Since i am not buying anything any more unless i really need and love it, i took this quest very seriously. First i looked on line to see what i really wanted.

What was i looking for?
. Something versatile to be matched with any kind of clothing.
. Made with natural material. No plastic please.
. Minimalist look.
. Classic and timeless look,
. Not too expensive, but the price was something i was willing to pay for a purse that lasts few years.
. Preferably red. I still loved the color of that red purse of mine.
. Preferably a consignment piece since i love to reduce, and reuse. It is good for the nature.

My quest started with online searches. Everything i loved were very expensive designer pieces. Then i looked in the Mall. The same problem. The style i liked were mostly either made of plastic, or very expensive.Then i started looking in the consignment stores in our town. The styles that i liked,  were almost all made by "Dooney and Bourke" brand. They are just all beautiful, but too heavy. I remember when i used to have few of their purses and they were hurting my shoulders. The prices in consignment stores were reasonable compare to the original price. But my comfort was not something i was ready to sacrifice for beauty.

After many searches and stubbornness, i finally was ready to give up, just go to the outlet mall and get the expensive , but almost perfect brown purse i saw there. I truly wanted something that lasts a lot more than few months for me.

One day, when i was dropping some stuff at the "Snowline hospice store" for donations, I just suddenly decided to have a look there.


There it was, waiting for me, the exact purse i was looking for with the tag still on , brand new with the beautiful price of $4.75. Yes I am not joking. It was four dollars and seventy five cents. It was made by Wilson leathers and was red. It was even smaller than my old red purse thus the perfect size for me. It looked like it was custom made for me.

Yes. That is when my quest for the perfect purse ended with a very happy ending.

Lessons learnt. Always take your time and research and don't under estimate the second hand donation centers. Always check there for hidden treasures. After all, the place might not look as nice or clean or fancy as other stores, but you never know when you might hit the jackpot.

I am set for a long time now.

Have you looked for your perfect purse yet?


  1. I got my favorite bag from my sister in law as well ;-)
    Now I have 3 bags: 1 formal shoulder bag for work and study, 1 diaper bag for outings with my son and 1 handbag that I can also carry on my shoulder for when I go out on my own, for fun, shopping... you name it.

    1. :) Three sounds like the right number. I used to own over twenty purses and just used two or three of them on regular bases. I am glad they are all gone.Love the clutter free life.

  2. I used to have 42 purses. All coach, kate spade, and Louis V. I wish I was kidding. And three I had never used and still had the tags. I've never added up the total because frankly, I just don't want to know. I sold all but for at consignment shops and ebay. The four I kept are sturdy and I've been using for four years. One is my "work purse". It's large enough to carry a small planner, files if I need to, and my "stuff". One is a really small swing bag that I use for day trips and vacation. It holds my epi pen, lip gloss, and wallet. The other two are season (fall/winter, spring/summer) and are the perfect size. Who on earth owns 42 purses? But..that was another life. :)

    1. Thia, I know what you mean by not even wanting to know what the cost of all your purses really was. The good news is, what is past is past and you are living a new life now.

      I like your system with purses and thank you for sharing it. 4 looks like a very good number.Keep up the good work.