Home made Soy Milk. Zero waste.

I love milk. But i am also lactose intolerant. This has been a problem for me when i want to enjoy my beloved cereal in the mornings.

Unfortunately, Soy, Almond or Coconut milk do not come in returnable glass bottles like milk does. I don't want to buy them in none recyclable cardboard either. So I make my own.

It is too simple to not do it.

Here is how.

Dry Soy beans soaked over night.

1. Soak 1 cup of dry soy beans in the water over night.( preferably organic soy beans. I buy them in bulk).

2. Juice the soy along with four cups of water. We have a squeeze juicer that works excellent.

Pass the soy beans through a juicer.
3. Clip a cheese cloth to a pot and pour your juice through it. I like to squeeze it so all the juice comes out. You can also do this after boiling to get more juice extracted from the pulps.

4. Boil the juice for ten minutes. You can add vanilla extract and sugar to it at this time if you prefer.

5. Pour it in a clean sterilized glass. I use my milk glasses from Strauss family. The pulp goes in to my compost, or garden under the dirt.

6.Use it within a week.



  1. As an also lactose disabled person I want to say thank you! This looks so much easier and less wasteful than the store alternatives!

    1. You are welcome. Glad it helps. You can add any flavor you want. The cinnamon worked great as well.