Creative beauty. Stop buying.

Beauty does not have to cost a lot.

Life is full of inexpensive creative ways to be enjoyed without the expense.

Also with some natural and biodegradable parts, a very beautiful art can be created and enjoyed.

Stop buying plastic pieces and start creating simple little pleasures in your life.

Think twice before you buy anything. Think, is it worth it? Is it worth the time we spend? the expense and the space we dedicate and pay for?

Just think twice before you buy it. We have the tendency to just buy because something is on sale. But in reality, the time we spent earning the money we are spending is the true cost of the item we are buying. If you buy something that you could live without, it might not be worth it.

Always, always ask yourself this, before buying,

" Can i live without it? Do I need it? "
These are important questions to ask yourself.

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