Minimalistic fall decoration.

Fall is here. Well, sort of. Here in California we had to turn the Air conditioner on today. It was just too hot.

But the excitement of fall is here. Halloween decorations and pumpkins are everywhere. My kids were very excited for us to decorate. But guess what, i didn't even noticed that I gave away ALL our Halloween decorations when we moved. I thought i kept some. But it is all gone.

So what i did. Went shopping. In a pumpkin farm. Not a party store. and also went for a walk in the neighborhood. That took care of all our decorations.

Here are some tips.

- Buy some inexpensive pumpkins to carve and make Jack-o lanterns.
- Buy some truly, unusual looking gourds.
- Make a center piece with the gourds.
- Hang the gourds at the door. It actually looks spooky.
- Have you kids color the smaller pumpkins.
- Pick some leaves and walnuts, or any other natural greens you can find. Use them to make a wreath.
- Make leave shaped cookies with your kids. They will have fun.
- Decorate the cookies with Candy corns.
- Make apple Caramels.
- Make a wreath with apples.
- Boil some Cinnamon sticks in the water to create natural aroma.
- Use fall yellow flowers for decorations.


- Easy to clean.
- No storage needed.
- Gentle on the nature and environment.
- Biodegradable.
- No plastic.
- Supports local farmers.
- Inexpensive.
- No clutter.
- Fun to make, not a chore.
- Edible decoration.
- Stimulates your creativity.
- Valuable and enjoyable due to the investment of time and effort.
- No Packaging to create trash

Have you decorated your home naturally for the season yet?

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