Minimalism. What is it?

What is it like , to be a minimalist?
How does it feel like to live a minimalistic life?

When you talk to minimalists, read the minimalist's blogs or see a minimalistic design you might get different ideas about living a minimalistic life.

I believe a minimalistic lifestyle is relative.

  • some choose not to have a full time job,
  • Some might like the structure and the simplicity that a full time job brings to them and live very minimalistic.
  • some choose to build the biggest company in the world and still design it in a minimalistic way and just call it Apple.
  • Some might want to own less than 10 items in their wardrobe, others might choose to not count the items, but have a very minimalistic ,sleek, classic, style.
  • Some may call earthy, Hipi and Bohemian style minimalistic, others might like Polished.
  • Some might choose not to own any furniture.
  • Some might choose to own furniture and design it in a minimalistic contemporary way.
I bet my perception of minimalism is very different from what you might see it as.

I see so many people judge each other's minimalistic choices and I see comments about a family's decision to move to San Francisco not being minimalistic enough. I see friends that feel obligated to try to explain to me why they can not live a minimalistic lifestyle.

I believe minimalist lifestyle is simply the type of minimalistic lifestyle that you choose to have.

A very dear friend of mine has been living a minimalistic lifestyle for years without her even knowing it. Her garage only has their cars and bikes in it. Her drawers in the kitchen contain very few items. Her house has the minimum amount of stuff.To me, she is already a minimalist.

I have another wonderful friend that her house if full of beautiful decorations and picture frames. Her furniture have no trace of minimalism and her beautiful house looks rather luxurious. But when I talk to her, she believes that her lifestyle is minimalistic.

So it is all relative. Minimalism is to live without any extra, unnecessary items. It has to make you happy. it shouldn't feel like an obligation, or a competition. You need to feel good because of decluttered house or simpler life. If it is not satisfying you, it is not the right way for you.

Have you found your own minimalistic style?

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