Bucket list!

My bucket list.

We all are waiting for that someday. Unfortunately that someday sometimes will never come. Stop dreaming and start doing. Take action. Change is good. Sometimes we don't do what we want because we are scared of the change.

As Nike says, " Just do it"

Make a bucket list for yourself and just get started.

Here is a part of my bucket list.

  • Learn to dance.
  • Plant a tree or more than one.
  • Have blue high lights.
  • See Northern lights.
  • Drink at an ice bar.
  • Sleep in an ice hotel.
  • Travel to a tropical rain forest.
  • Go to a Drive-in.
  • See a Broadway play.
  • Trip to New York.
  • Be in Munich during Octoberfest.
  • Be in San Francisco during a gay parade.
  • Scuba dive.
  • Camp at night at the Grand Canyon.
  • Ride a camel.
  • Live in Europe for one year.
  • Visit a glacier before everything is melted.
  • Travel to Maldives.
  • Travel to  Japan.
  • Travel to All the European countries.
  • Get drunk at a pub.
  • Learn to play an instrument.
  • Rock climb.
  • Hug a red wood.
  • Stand under a water fall.
  • Travel to Niagara Falls.
  • Renew our vows.
  • ...


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