Simpler life= Happier Life

Our new place. Scroll down to see update.
Today my family is feeling happy.

Not just because we got something new, or we are planing an expensive vacation or something like that.

We feel happy, because we have less.
A lot less.
My husband and us closed our office due to financial problems and are living on our savings at this time.I became a stay home mom. My husband is spending a lot more time with me and our kids.
We are decluttering like there is no tomorrow.Every item we reduce make us feel good in an unusual way.We were surprised to find out that letting go of things and getting rid of things makes us feel better( much better) than buying things.
We never expected this when we started to declutter. It feels amazingly refreshing.

Our kids have less stuff thus our daughter can focus more on her school and does not get distracted as easily. Our son is actually playing with his stuff and we found out that we need and use 1/3 of our home after the decluttering and stuff reduction.

Kitchen cabinets are getting empty. I gave each my kids a cabinet so they can put their toys in there. Any toy that does not fit was removed. My kids love it and all their toys are very accessible. They never went upstairs to play with their toys in the past. Due to this change, my kids are calmer, happier and have more fun.
The perk is that they are actually OK with less TV time :)

I plan to work on the second wave of decluttering soon.I plan to cut another 1/3 of our stuff. wish me luck.

Update sep.2012 :

We moved. We moved to a town house half the size and we are loving it. The decluttering and minimizing was a wonderful tool for our move. Our move was stress free and easy. We are not where I want to be as far as stuff goes, yet. But it is much better compared to the amount of stuff we used to have.

I had a guest post published in one of my personal heroes Bea Johnson ( the zero waste home) blog .
She inspired me a lot. She is my hero.

Also Leo Babauta from Zenhabits was a huge inspiration.

Our life is just wonderful. We are truly enjoying our declutered minimal home. My husband is working in a place that he is enjoying. I am staying home with my kids and our stress level is not even comparable.

We are simply happy.


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